Finals Week!

For my last post on Experiencing Syracuse, I thought that I would mention the craziness of finals week. Since this is my first finals week at Syracuse I had no idea what to expect and was very surprised at how different the campus was. First of all, the dining halls have really been stepping up their game this past week. They are serving foods like prime rib and lobster raviolis as opposed to their usual rice and grilled chicken plates. The dining halls were also decorated with table clothes, balloons and ribbons as a way to celebrate the fact that we finished the first semester. As a result, they have been unusually packed. Likewise, my classes have also been extremely packed with students I have never even seen before and the libraries have been so crowded that I wasn’t able to find a seat today in both Carnegie and Bird.

With three finals and an essay, I really needed to find a study spot and luckily discovered the penthouse of Lawrinson. It is on the 21st floor and over looks the whole campus/city (feature image). So far there hasn’t been anyone in here, which is surprising for how insane it has been this week. Hopefully, I can get a lot done and do well on my exams.

I really enjoyed having this blog and a new medium for posting my thoughts and writing. I recommend this assignment to other writing classes.

Thanks for reading,     -Mia


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