Reflection to Other Podcasts

In class today we listened to five to ten minutes of each other’s podcasts to hear a sample of how they were and get a basic understanding of what work that other groups had done for their topics. The topics for the podcasts were all different, so it was interesting to get the chance to hear what our classmates had to say about each of them. The overall quality of the podcasts was very good with only minor issues in the volume and clarity of the recordings themselves.

I noticed that the best podcast were the ones that you were able to identify each individual in the group. It was beneficial to have one person talk and finish their thought completely than have somebody interject half way through, more like a normal conversation would flow. A lot of the groups followed this which helped me, as a listener, to better understand their main points. I also really liked the implementation of interviews or music, because I felt like it strengthened the podcast as a whole. It provided additional voices and audio that broke up the 30-60 minute discussion.

The topics ranged anywhere from the Lacrosse Team to the Grammy Awards to general sports team projections. I liked how the Lacrosse podcast touched upon their demanding fall practice schedule during an interview. The raw answer really showed how the player felt about it and that it was one of the hardest things to adjust to when they came to college. I also really like that the Grammy podcast gave predictions of the winners and agree that Taylor Swift will most likely win this year again. Lastly, since I am not a huge sports fan I didn’t have much to comment on for this podcast, but I did want to mention that I was able to follow along with what they were saying based on the details that they shared when they were talking (team. position, number).

Overall, I think my class put a lot of time and effort into their podcasts, and I was happy that we were given class time to listen to clips of them. Personally, I worked hard on my podcast and although it was weird to listen to your own voice, I liked how I could show my work to my classmates and know that at least one other person besides my teacher and group listened to it.




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