My Podcast Experience

Our podcast project is finally complete, and I am very satisfied with how it turned out!

Overall, I really enjoyed the podcasting experience. I have never had a project assigned to me in this format before, so everything regarding it was for my first time: preparing for a podcast, recording it and then editing it.Luckily, my group was able to help each other out and we didn’t face that many difficulties in the process. We worked really well together and we had a lot of fun in the process! We were almost sad when it was over because we enjoyed meeting up and discussing our topic so much. Although I am familiar with many general nutrition facts and myths about the Freshman 15, I was able to learn a lot more from what my group members added.

My favorite thing about the podcasting experience was getting together with my group and actually recording the podcast. We all were in a private room and were able to fully converse about our sections with each other for the hour. What I really liked was how it was in a conversation format, so everyone had the freedom to talk when they wanted to and add anything that seemed important to them. Although we partially planned how the podcast was going to flow, the exact things that group members said were always sightly surprising, making the responses more natural and genuine. As a whole, we also really tried to connect our tangents back to the main topic of the Freshman 15. It was interesting to see how my group members and I were able to work it into the conversation in a way that it made sense.

My least favorite thing about the podcasting experiencing was the struggle with the technology. Since we all have never recorded a podcast before, we weren’t sure what tools to use. We tried a phone to record at first but the application that we were using strangely put ticking sounds over us talking. We then tried Garage Band on the computer but Emma’s was the only one that it worked on. The problem with this was that her mouse pad did not work all the time so we had to take breaks until it worked again or go out of our way to obtain a physical mouse for her. Also, when we were done recording we had to figure out a place to store our hour-long podcast, because it was too big to send over email.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed the podcasting experience (especially since we were able to chose our own topics). I’m sure that the technology struggle will be solved with more experience, so I would definitely do something like this again.


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