1/8 Done

The end of my freshman fall semester is fast approaching. It is so weird to me how fast it went by and how I really only have five days of classes left. A lot of people that are older than me have been telling me for years that college goes by so fast, but I never really believed them until now.

I feel like I have learned a lot this semester, both academically and personally. I have established that I definitely want to stay a pre-medicine student and am capable with being away from home and surviving without the help of my parents. This semester I also created many great friendships with people from my floor, classes and clubs and am aware of what qualities I look for in a person/friend.

There are also a few random things that I have learned this semester.

1.) Free transportation is greatly appreciated and rare to come by

2.) Money goes quickly

3.) Doing laundry is more complex than you think

4.) Calling your parents is now considered “cool”

5.) College is what you make of it

I am excited to see what next semester brings, and hope that I learn more along the way.


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