Podcast Update

My podcast project is well on its way to being complete, because my group is aiming to have it done before December 4th so that we can receive the ten extra points. Therefore, it is our priority this week and we have planned two other days to meet and work on it. As of now, we have half of the hour long podcast recorded, introduction and three out of the five topic discussions, in addition to having each of our paragraphs on our own topics written and edited. The paragraphs all contain research and the discussions, that were already recorded, all implement the research, but no one has created citations for their sources yet. The conclusion also still needs to be finalized and recorded but we are going to wait to do it at the end of the whole podcast so that we can be sure it covers everything that we talked about and serves as an appropriate ending.

A challenge we faced with the podcast project was coordinating a time for everyone to get together and record it. Everyone is so busy with their other classes, athletic schedules and club meetings, that it was difficult to find a good chunk of time that worked for all five of us. We ended up solving this issue by recording the various discussions in segments so that we wouldn’t have to complete it in one sitting. However, we will end up with around seven different audio clips that we will have to piece together in a smooth fashion.

The best part about the project is the casual conversation aspect of it. When we are all discussing, it is fun and natural to add to each other’s ideas and share personal stories. In my opinion, it has yet to feel forced or awkward in anyway.

Hopefully, I will be able to link the podcast on the blog when it is finished. (Reminder: this podcast is focused on the Freshman Fifteen and nutrition on college campuses in general.)


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