Experiencing Reading

First of all, Reading (Red-ing) is the name of the town that I am from. Secondly, although my blog is about experiencing Syracuse, I thought it would be helpful and interesting to include a post about where I am from, while I’m on break and experiencing it again.

It was not until I left Reading for three months that I realized how ridiculous people in my town are over the infamous Bagel World. Bagel World is a staple of our town and besides high school sports, it what we are known for. Strangely, our “fame” comes from a small restaurant that only sells bagels and coffee. From their opening at 6 am to their closing at 3 pm, there are always lines of customers out the door and a drive-thru line to the street (police had to put restrictions on the drive-thru for safety and traffic purposes). You were always the coolest person if you could bring Bagel World to school for lunch and it became a tradition amongst all students to go on Sunday mornings with your friends. People go crazy for these bagels and wait hours for it, and sadly, it was the first place that all of my friends had to go to when we came home.

Bagel World is truly a key part of Reading. Anyone not from the town would be shocked and confused to hear this.


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