Back Home!

It’s Thanksgiving break, and I am back home in the Boston area! I have been enjoying the past few days here and have already accomplished catching up with many friends and family that I haven’t seen for three months. Everyone seems so interested about my time at school and how I have been “experiencing Syracuse.” I am trying to do my best to fill them all in (maybe they should read this blog).

In addition, since I have been home my second blog topic of alternate ways of communication has also come up. I was at a family party yesterday when I came to the realization that general hand signals can actually portray messages and ideas very efficiently. Surprisingly, this observation was based on my uncle’s dog performing tricks for us. My uncle signaled to his dog and it immediately recognized the command and desired response. It was cool to see that even a dog is able to pick up on nonverbal communication. This also connects to the idea of sign language and how people are able to have lengthy conversations without using words, without a problem. Less formally, signals like waving, nodding or smiling are universal gestures that have clear meanings. Once again, I have invalidated the idea that communication is solely spoken or written. Thanks Finn!




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