Family In ‘Cuse

My family came to visit me a couple weeks ago for parent’s weekend. What was interesting to me about this was that everything that has become routine and common in my life was exactly what they wanted to experience when they were here. I was determined to get off of the campus and explore the new areas since I live at Syracuse. On the other hand and since they don’t live here, they really wanted to be shown everything (places that are very familiar to me). This relates to my blogging topic of “Experiencing Syracuse.” I was presented with the question of how to show them my home for the past three months in approximately two days.

Obviously I decided to begin their experience with dinner at Faegan’s, a typical Syracuse University restaurant. The next day, we went for a tour of the quad, making sure to stop into every building and follow my schedule precisely. They were really amazed with everything which was weird to me since I do it every day and now am at the point where I overlook it all. Other major parts of our brief experiencing Syracuse journey included traveling to Density Mall via the buses, going to insomnia cookies, having breakfast in the dining hall and spending a lot of money in the bookstore. They only really missed out on the snow.

Overall, I had a fun weekend that was actually more like a week at Syracuse, but with family.



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