November 8th, 2016

It’s crazy to think how after two years of talking about the presidential race, tonight is the night that we will finally know the results. Syracuse has not been disappointing with the event so far. It seems as if the majority of the students are very vocal about their opinions and several discussions have occurred in consequence. Whiteboards and  self-made posters with propaganda are plentiful in dorm halls and our lounge has been full with a viewing party since five o’clock this afternoon.

I have noticed that this debate over favorite candidates has inadvertently started a lot of communication between people in my building. This type of communication revolves around having a common interest between two people and therefore, people who have never talked before are now and are making new friends in the process.

A main point of my blog is how communication can be found anywhere. However, this post expresses the opposite and really emphasizes the craziness of the topic of politics, especially on this day.


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