My Discourse Community

After much debating over which discourse community to choose for my project, I finally decided to go with Orange Pulse Dance Troupe. The main reason for this choice was because I was able to identify the three characteristics of a discourse community in this organization. With my other communities, one of the characteristics was always hard to find.

The goals of Orange Pulse Dance Troupe are shared among all of its members. They work towards preparing dancers for their Annual Charity Showcase as well as improving their skills and technique in the process. Classes are held every week as a way to constantly work on the dance and get closer to achieving their goals. The lexicon of the group was also obvious. There are many dance terms (sache, plie, rond de jambe) that the average person may not be familiar with. In addition, they use words that are specific to their organization and are understood by all of the members. Lastly, Orange Pulse Dance Troupe uses genres such as email, text messages and Facebook groups for intercommunication.

The most difficult part of selecting my discourse community was the fact that I am a part of so many different communities. In the beginning, I listed around ten communities for consideration and made a chart with the three characteristics filled in for each one. Orange Pulse Dance Troupe stood out to me as the most fitting option for a discourse community because of how they are big on working towards specific goals and providing feedback to their members. A big aspect of a community is that the members help each other and intercommunicate for improvement.

I have yet to see what my class thinks about my community and if it will actually work for the project. My only hesitation with it, is that I am not sure if there will be artifacts to present on it. Update to come.



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