Power to Dogs

It is a common occurrence for me to receive pictures of my dog from my family as our daily form of communication. I have realized now that us asking each other about our days is easily be substituted with a picture of my dog in various locations, followed by “aw she’s so cute.” Rosie not only means a lot to my family, but she is also something that we can always relate on that is a positive and happy topic.

I have noticed this to be true of a lot of people here at Syracuse, in the sense that a lot of people feel the same way about dogs (very passionately) and respond well to them. Like my family, it is a great a way for people to connect with each other. For example, whenever there is a dog on campus, a flock of students run over to it and immediately talk to each other about how cute it is, resulting in making friends too.

The purpose of this blog is to show that feeling passionately about something can be the initiative for conversation and communicating and connecting with others. In addition, dogs can be that medium for discussion.




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