Rhetorical Writing Analysis

My writing experience for rhetorical analysis, specifically textual, has been very challenging at times. I have realized that when you analyze documents and consider pathos, ethos and logos in addition to the five canons, a lot can be said about them. Small details such as the significance of the use of color, actually says a lot about the rhetorical approach of the organization.

I rhetorically analyzed Syracuse Career Services as an organization. The most difficult part for me was determining the overarching approach. It was easy for me to identify when a rhetorical strategy was being implemented, but had a hard time combining the various areas into one or two main categories (thesis statement). This process was also challenging for me in regards to overall organization of the paper. I had so many ideas and examples that it was difficult to narrow it down into a six page paper. I had writers block for a good week and was constantly adding and removing paragraphs. I became stressed out because there was just so much to include. Office hours were beneficial to me, since I learned that it was not necessary to talk about everything. My teacher told me that I could talk about one example in depth, which really helped to get the paper going. Once I focused my paper, I was able to piece it together in no time.

I really enjoyed my in-depth analysis of the organization. It was so interesting to notice their strategies for ultimately getting students to seek their counsel and take advantage of their resources.

The writing process of rhetorical analysis can become very complex unless the topic is narrowed down. Focusing on one aspect of a rhetorical approach is not that difficult and actually is very worthwhile for gaining a better understanding of that organization.


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