A Syracuse Halloween

Halloween at Syracuse has proven itself to be no disappointment. For two weeks, I have seen every costume in existence and about enough candy to live off of for a year. All of the dining halls were decorated with ghosts, pumpkins, painted murals and skeletons with the cookies even being substituted for orange frosted ones. At the entrance of the Ernie dining hall, there was a large pumpkin that you could guess the weight of to win a prize. In addition, most dorm doors and bulletin boards were appropriately decorated and covered in cobwebs, stickers and Halloween puns.

Halloween was definitely a presence on campus this year. Its grand observance provided an opportunity for students and faculty to connect with each other. Halloween is the one holiday that is celebrated by almost everyone and doesn’t offend anybody when talked about. It is a good time to not only connect with others but also for selling products and events. Holidays make people remember good times and therefore, are more likely to be effective times to elicit actions out of people.

In regards to my main blog topics of experiencing Syracuse and communication through other medias, Halloween fits right in. My experience with Halloween at Syracuse was really fun and worthwhile due to the fact that it provided an opportunity to relate to others and celebrate something as an entire campus, without even having to say so.


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