Podcast Update

My podcast is focused around the nutrition and diet of the average college student and what the dining halls and other food joints provide as options.

So far, my group has decided that we will fill up our hour with a round robin discussion of five different topics. Each of us will be the leader for a topic and raise questions and respond to the commentary of the other group members.

The first topic of the podcast is on the importance of eating three meals a day and the controversy behind it. Abby will be the leader of this section and will question us as well as other students on their eating habits. We will all reference outside sources on professional opinions about the subject. The second topic will cover freshman 15 concerns and advice on how to prevent it. Clare will be mentioning the phenomenon of how first-year college students gain weight. The group will be adding facts that we prove or disprove this “myth.” My topic is next and is about the dining hall options at Syracuse. I will be observing and talking about what is served to the students in addition to what the most popular items are. I will also briefly mention the other dining options around Syracuse. Maggie’s topic is on the issue of late night eating and how student’s diets changed since they got to college. Lastly, Emma will be leading the segment for how different people have different diets. This section will wrap up all of the other topics for our conclusion and emphasize the uniqueness of every student’s diet through interviews/questioning of various people.

We plan to record our podcast individually for each separate topic. This way, we won’t have to spend an hour at a time recording straight through and if we mess up, we only have to redo a smaller portion of the podcast.

As of now, we are all still gathering information for our own topics, but we plan to meet sometime next week to organize ourselves and create our script. Hopefully, recording will occur shortly after we are finished with the script.


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