“Broken” Hearted

Today I ventured into Health Services again and had a wonderful “Experiencing Syracuse”moment. I was in line to pick up some medicine when I overheard a very frustrating conversation. A guy was begging the lady at the front desk to give him an appointment today but the lady just kept saying that they were full. Normally, I would understand these circumstances and be okay if she told the guy to come back tomorrow. However, he wanted an appointment because he thought that his arm was broken.

Even with this knowledge, the lady at the desk did not care to make accommodations. She kept saying sorry and to come back tomorrow. I’m surprised that she didn’t even offer alternatives for the guy to be seen that day by medical professionals, since she works at Health Services and should be concerned with student health as well as the fact that we are in an area surrounded by hospitals and clinics. It angers me that everything has to be so systematic that one of the doctors couldn’t even take a look at it for a second.

The guy, defeated, walked back to get his belongings. He struggled to swing his backpack over his shoulder and that’s when somebody spoke up. They offered to give the guy their appointment time. Another student also offered hers up as well. The guy was so appreciative of their gesture and you could tell that everyone in the room was moved by this too.

I learned two things from this experience today. I learned that Syracuse University should really work on improving the availability of heath services to the students. There should be a way to squeeze in patients that are in need of immediate care. I was so surprised that he almost walked out of there with a untreated broken bone. On a more positive note, I also learned that Syracuse University students are very compassionate. I was relieved that some one was able to reach out and help the guy by giving up their own appointment that probably took days to make. It really emphasized our “orange family,” despite everything else.


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