Snapchat Connections

This is going to be a short blog post about how digital writing facilitates communication and corroborates the phrase “it’s such a small world.”

Background information:

My friendship with Brendan started in preschool. Unfortunately, he and I lived in separate towns, so we did not continue onto kindergarten together. After years of not seeing each other, we were  unexpectedly reunited at my friend’s beach house in the 5th grade. Apparently my friend’s family and Brendan’s family were family friends so he came up for the day. We reconnected and discovered that we actually had several mutual friends. Guys on his soccer team were from my school and girls that I danced with were from his. We’ve stayed in contact ever since then.

Lindsay, my best friend since kindergarten, was also staying at the beach house that week and had the opportunity to meet Brendan. Her and I have always been really close despite me moving in the 7th grade and not being able to see her as often. I also still keep in contact with her to this day.

Present day:

I recently received a Snapchat from Brendan of a picture of him and Lindsay. It was really cool that they found each other again, because even though I constantly talk to both of them, they haven’t talked to each other in about 8 years. It turns out that they go to the same college and Brendan noticed a picture of me on Lindsay’s wall and remembered that day at the beach.

I think that it’s really cool that they not only found each other, but could also easily share it with me. Social media is a great way to reach out and communicate with each other, evident in this situation. This also emphasizes the fact that digital writing is becoming more and more popular in our culture because of its efficiency and accessibility. In addition, this example also shows how pictures can be considered another form of untraditional writing. The picture of me on Lindsay’s wall was a reminder of an event that happened in the past and a refresher of the memories, even though there weren’t any words. 


(Permission was received from Brendan and Lindsay to post this picture)


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