Clown Chaos!

The creepy clown-sighting phenomenon made its way to Syracuse’s campus last night. I first heard of this during dinner when I overheard two girls at the dining hall asking each other if they saw the clown outside. If there hadn’t recently been a news story on a little boy outside of Syracuse who saw a clown on his way to school, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. I made my friends come and investigate with me but as soon as we got up to go check it out, the fire alarm went off.

“The clowns pulled the fire alarm!!! I’m not going outside!” screamed the crowd of people forming in the dining hall entrance. At this point, I was getting really frightened but was forced to go outside.

The chaos continued from there. Everyone began receiving and sharing a video of a clown trying to break into a girl’s window (even my RA). The people who were clueless about what was going on were filled in and soon everyone in my building was on full alert.

Groups of people were going clown hunting with baseball bats and lacrosse sticks while others were locking windows and doors and panicking. DPS was stationed at every dorm.

The craziest part of the whole night was that at the same time, all of my friends back home were experiencing clowns on their campuses too.

13 reports were called in about clowns around our campus but no evidence was found. Many other sightings at different locations were also false or impostures. Personally, I believe that this is all a hoax. I’m sure the original clowns are out there somewhere, but I don’t think that this many people are involved with them nationwide. Turns out, the viral video was not taken at Syracuse. This craze is most likely college students who are joining in on this trend. However, DPS is taking this somewhat seriously in regards to how others will react if they see a clown and not the potential danger of the clown itself.

DPS cautions:

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 9.00.22 PM.png

It’s interesting to note how quickly videos and rumors can spread even when taking about a larger scale scenario like the United States. Social media, once again, proves itself to be a great form of communication and the go-to form of it for our society.


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