Experience of My DLN

“The actual writing wasn’t tough but on Wednesday when I went to go on my computer to type it, it was dead and that made it rough because I didn’t have a charger.” -Henry

“I didn’t have the hard of a time writing it. I guess the hardest part was making it fit in 5 pages.” -Anthony

“I had a hard time making this about myself. I made it more about technology than myself.” -Gonzalo

“I was struggling a bit in grammar and the way the writing was going to be.” -Fei

A few quotes from my fellow classmates showcase that this essay was not the easiest to write. We all came across challenges that were unique to ourselves. Personally, the most difficult part of writing this essay was getting it to be under 5 pages with sufficient words and a decent amount of visuals. When writing my outline, I was unaware that it was supposed to be double spaced and therefore had double the amount of pages. It took me an extra long time to cut out details and decide what aspects were the most important to include.

Another challenge of mine was that I recently got a new computer and switched over to a MAC for the first time. My essay was luckily on a Google document so I could edit it there, but when it came to uploading, I had no idea how to save it to my desktop. I have not installed Word yet and am unfamiliar with Pages. Ultimately, just minutes before the time it was due, I emailed it to my roommate for help. Luckily she’s amazing and helped me to save it and then upload it to TurnItIn.

My favorite part about writing this paper was that I gave me a chance to assess myself as a writer. Breaking down and fully analyzing texting, note taking and even social media usage was very interesting and cool to know about myself. In addition, I liked having the studies we read for class to compare myself to. Through this assignment, I discovered that I am actually a pretty typical college student.


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