Fetty Flop

This past weekend was Syracuse’s annual Juice Jam. I had been hearing about this beloved event even before I got to Syracuse. At my hometown meetup event, all of the volunteer, current students said that Juice Jam was their favorite memory. I was so excited and looked up the lineup for this year to discover that big names such as Tove Lo, Marshmello, D.R.A.M., Stephen and Fetty Wap.

Unfortunately, Juice Jam didn’t meet my high expectations. The beginning of the concert was filled with pushing and shoving to get to the stage. Then, the head liner of the concert, Fetty Wap, doesn’t show up and there are no refunds.

Students attacked Fetty through his social media. Although negative, this shows how social medias such as Twitter and Instagram are a great way to express opinions and get messages across. Because Syracuse students all teamed together in anger, posting the orange emoji countless times, it is highly likely that either Fetty Wap himself saw it or someone else of importance. This is a way that is accessible for students to show Fetty how many people he disappointed.


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