Assessing My Own Blog

I began this blog about a month ago for my Writing 105 class. When reflecting on the progress of my blog, I am pleased with myself on the quantity and quality of posts. As of now, I have around ten different posts. The subject of these posts range but all have a common theme of how writing can appear and be effective in not so traditional ways. A few of my blog posts were about how art can be a form of writing. I found various examples over campus and wrote about how each one was able to get a point across and make the reader/observer feel a certain way. Art is not just for entertainment, it is an essential part of our communication.

For the mechanics of my blog “Experiencing Syracuse,” I think that the layout of where the blog articles are is a good format for the type of blog that I have. Each post includes pictures thblog-homepageroughout the article and contain a feature image that is the first thing that the reader sees. The reader can see all of my blog posts and their corresponding pictures with one scroll of the page. I think this is not only a visually appealing format but also a format that will make the reader want to click on my blog posts and read them.

I am not the biggest fan of my home screen. When I first enter the blog, all I can see is a picture of Boston. The words “A journey from Syracuse to Boston,” explain the picture but no blog posts can be immediately seen. In order to access them, you have to go to the pull down tab at the upper right of the homepage. I would like to improve this and make my blog easier to navigate with the material right up front. After all, the actually blog posts are the reason for why people would visit my blog.

Overall, I have really enjoyed my blogging experience. It has given me a platform to write about what ever I would like and then be able to share that with my class and other people who view my site. Every couple of days I write about a new experience at Syracuse and I hope that by the end of the semester I can look back and remember all of the exciting things I did and interesting things that I saw.


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