Apple Fest!

Maple Syrup Table. Image Copyright Mia Pepi, 2016.

The quad was unusually busy today when I walked down to go to my class. The strong aroma of apples filled the air and, with the help of a sign, realized that it was Syracuse University’s annual Apple Fest.

From what I observed, Apple Fest is an event where local businesses come to Syracuse and set up tents and booths on the quad for their products. There were free samples of fudge, goat cheese, maple syrup, jelly and other foods as well as other accessories for sale and massages. Conveniently, one of the food carts took SUperplus money so my friends and I got some delicious apple fritters.

I think that this is a cool concept for bringing the city to the campus. Without this event, I would have never known about these things. It was a way for us all to come together as a community and enjoy the first day of fall. I met some great people and had a lot of great conversations. It’s amazing to see how passionate people are about their work.

I think that passion is an important part of writing. Whatever the genre, if someone is passionate about something it makes the piece stronger as a whole. As people were describing their businesses to me today, they really tried to use details and win me over, a skill very important in writing and communication as a whole.



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