Orange Art

I have walked by this mural many different times but it was only today that I realized what a powerful message it had.  Before, I used to just think of it as a pretty thing to look at in a bland tunnel.

Walking past it today, very stressed out because of the amount of homework I had to do, was when I finally read the words on it.  The message reads “The World is Your Orange. Squeeze It For All It’s Worth!”  This message actually made me feel really motivated to get my work done and helped me to not dread the work that I was assigned.  I was inspired to get my work done and done well.  I was also proud of myself for doing it in advance and being responsible.  I was taking advantage of the Friday night quiet time in the computer lab, squeezing the most out of my orange world.  I cannot wait for my future and to be in a career I love and although the work now is tedious and aggravating, I know that it is a necessary step that will be worth it in the end.

I find it fascinating how this from of communication was so effective. The artist was able to get their point across while also making it visually appealing.  I definitely am going to consider other formats like these when I have to express my own words because a simple wall painting motivated me so much.


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