A Syracuse Birthday

Yesterday, I experienced my first birthday at Syracuse and my first birthday away from my friends and family.  I was worried that no one would care and want to celebrate my birthday with me.  It’s hard to judge how close you are to people when it has barely been three weeks.  I didn’t want to force anyone to do anything but I also really wanted to do something.  The night before my birthday was when I was the most uncertain of how it would go.

A few hours later, at 11:59 pm, I heard a knock at my door. When I opened it up I saw all my floor friends and both my R.A.s standing outside.  They sung happy birthday to me really loudly and woke up everyone else on my floor. More people stumbled out of their rooms to say happy birthday to me too. Side conversations began and carried into the lounge for another hour.  I noticed that people were getting to know each other better and discovering mutual friends. It’s interesting to me that a birthday has the power and importance that it does to get people out of their beds and communicating with others. From this moment I knew that my birthday at Syracuse was going to be great.

Birthday. Image Copyright Mia Pepi, 2016.

I woke up that morning to my room decorated with streamers and ribbons.  My roommate had put them all up before her 8 am and left me with a little card and present.  Throughout the day I received packages of Insomnia cookies and balloons.  I was able to talk to all my friends and family from home and went to dinner at Faegan’s with my friends from Syracuse, at night. My “Experiencing Syracuse” chronicles have been successful so far and now I’m sure that 19 will be a good year!



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