How I Tweet

I was so hesitant to get a Twitter account and only just recently made one within the past year.  Surprisingly, I now use Twitter almost every day and couldn’t see myself without one.  It has become my go-to social media for staying informed on current events and for communicating with others.

The format and simplicity of Twitter makes it a great place to quickly learn new information about what is happening around you.  About one half of my Twitter usage is of reading news updates and checking the tweets from news reporters.  I consider Twitter the best method for finding out about news and use it more than the news programs on TV.  The live tweeting functionality and forcibly concise tweets allow me to receive the information easily and immediately while the television programs usually drag out their stories. I also use Twitter to find out about the news because of the retweeting option. I have noticed that whenever there is a crisis or emergency, people will retweet the most important and informative tweets which then puts those at the top of my feed.  Besides worldly news, I also use Twitter for news on groups I’m involved with and current celebrity gossip.

About 10% of my Twitter usage breaks down to me saying Happy Birthday to my friends. It may seem random but I have found Twitter to be an easy way to reach out to friends informally, especially when you don’t have their phone number.  Twitter also lets you posts pictures more casually than Instagram so you can post a picture for your friend’s birthday without worrying if they will hate the picture you posted.

The rest of my twitter usage is for tweeting my feelings or beliefs.  I use Twitter as my format for sharing my own words with my followers, because I can know if they agree or relate to them, depending on if they like or retweet it. In addition to retweeting things about how I feel, I also retweet a lot of cute dog posts.  I follow around ten different cute animal accounts and use this as a less serious form of entertainment.



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