A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words

A picture’s worth 1,000 words.  I was in my room with a few friends today when I came to the conclusion that pictures are really great ways for communication.  As a freshman enrolled in a huge college that is outside of my home state, mostly everybody here is new to me.  Questions such as “where are you from?” and “what’s your major?” were very common but didn’t really tell me much about who the people are.  It’s difficult to know where to begin to go into detail about your life, especially when there’s 18 years of memories and experiences to summarize.

My friends were looking at the picture collage on my dorm wall and mentioned the picture of me standing on top of a yacht.  I explained how it was a senior outing that my high school arranged but then found myself transitioning to funny things that happened that night, my best friends in the picture and what they’re like and how my senior year was as a whole.  I was amazed by how much the pictures I brought as decorations had the potential to tell someone so much about me.

So in conclusion, I believe that pictures are a fantastic way to communicate to others, despite being wordless.  They can spark very interesting and also very informative conversations.

Picture Collage. Image copyright Mia Pepi, 2016.



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