Stairway to Motivation


Mount Stairs. Image copyright Mia Pepi, 2016

My first few days at Syracuse have both begun and ended with walking the daunting Mount Olympus stairs. The 123-step trudge had worked its way into becoming a very consistent part of my new life, something that I was never expecting. I suppose no one wanted to scare me and mention that where I would be living for a year would be on top of a mountain. Luckily, my roommate and I have tried to make the best of it and turn it into a competition for who has walked up the most flights of stairs, according to our smartphone heath apps. I think I broke 40.


Yesterday, this trek was especially difficult. My quads were burning more with each step while the stairs never seemed to end. It was my third time walking up them that day, and I really couldn’t find it in me to keep going. I cleverly decided to read some of the artwork to my friend and procrastinate the walk for as long as I could.

I noticed that a lot of this art was simply writing. Numerous sections contained words that were meant to advertise, motivate or inform those who passed by. This opened my eye to a new medium for writing. I think it’s really cool how just walking down some stairs can make you feel so positively, if you take the time to read what’s around you.

Walking up the steps is definitely easier with the added motivational entertainment.

“Live knowing that there will always be a better tomorrow.”

“Emotions are not weakness.”

“Syracuse is our home…experience it all.”



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