Post 1: Assessing Mark’s Blog

From travel experiences to fiction novel recommendations to the death of a mouse, Mark’s blog touches upon numerous topics in a creative and interesting way. After reading through his blog, I noticed a pattern of each post having a corresponding visual. I found that the pictures enhanced the stories by letting me visualize the setting of the words written. I was able to really relate and connect to the stories this way. Some of his posts, such as “Rocky Rain” and “Sweet Layover Chicago,” contained a great deal of descriptive language in them. However, I think that the stories could still benefit to have a picture(s) attached. For my own blog, I like the concept of having a visual for every post regardless of the subject, quantity of descriptive words or length of each one, and will try to implement this. I believe that the pictures can improve a blog’s appearance and can draw in more readers.

My favorite posts of Mark’s are the travel ones. I love traveling and the way that the posts are written make me feel like I’m there as he is experiencing it. I just recently got back from visiting San Francisco and when I found the section from Mark’s time there, I was so excited. My favorites ones or the ones that brought back the most memories were “The Golden Gate Bridge” and “Jack Kerouac, Onion Rings and Goodbye.” I think that it is awesome that his setup allows you to easily access posts based on the location of the them.

The fiction section is the only thing that I am not the biggest fan of on Mark’s blog is. It’s hard to say I dislike something that recommends quality novels to you, but I wish there was at least some other information that would make it less of a list.

Overall, I really like the setup of Mark’s blog. It is easy to navigate and contains unique experiences filled with humor and imagery!


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